Happy New Year ! The last 6 Months of 2018 Chapter 1 July -Aug . New Hair Journey Blonde series and more

January 3, 2019

Chapter 1 July - Aug

 Did you see this ?

 This is probably the last post you seen from me , huh?  Well , there's a reason for that and stay tuned for five chapters on "What's been up LONDONFERRIS ? ". I have missed you  beauties and  I hope you been looking for me  as well . So, let's get into the first leg. July through August... 


  July , summertime fine  and summer heat especially in Las Vegas , it gets so hot.  You could melt but I enjoyed it . POOL Action ! This month , I wanted to launch more youtube videos and give more content on how to wear the wigs and let you know that  you don't have to stick to JUST one look. Girl! You have options ! But I would be soon scheduled for hernia surgery on the first of August . So , there's alot to deal with  . Here is some great news , I answered an ad ( if we still call it that) on instagram for The Next Celebrity Stylist hosted by Kim Kimble and received a call back . Pretty big deal , right ? A great deal of information in a short period of time . Talk about hurry up and wait . UGH!! After putting my life story and hair story in a

downloadable file , all I could do is wait...and wait ....still waiting ...but anywho.


   Earlier in late June I met a guy and we started dating . His name is Kenny King aka Kenny Layne . Kenny is a pro-wrestler for ROH ( Ring of Honor and he also was bachelor contestant on ABC network The Bachelorette . You know, the show where 20 men date 1 woman and they get engaged at the end . It's on google .HAHA

 But we will get back to him in future chapters . I promise .








     Back to the Beauty ! Hair .,, What are some of your hair problems or hair goals ? Let me share mine .. BLONDE !! I want my natural to be blonde and still curly at the same time  . You see, my mother and oldest sisters greyed prematurely and its ( the grey) is coming me .  The easiest way to camouflage it is to blend blonde into and eventually gett rid of all the dark pigment in your hair . I started with all over high-lift with lightener ( bleach) with 5 volume under the dryer , it lifted quick . Notice some breakage but that's normal . Let's see how it goes ...


   Wrapping up July lots of things happen this month ... "the comeback " to youtube , considered for a reality show , going blonde and met a boy cute as can be ( Grease lyrics "summer lovin).



Next Chapter  August : The 1st Surgery Stay Tuned ...




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