My LA. Fashion Week Experience!

I went to L.A. Fashion Week beauties!  For those who don't know L.A. Fashion Week occurs biannually in March and October. It is basically a series of small fashion shows that last about 20 minutes each and 20-30 minutes of intermission between each show as they set up for the next one.  I was invited to attend by my friend Elisheba owner of Vogue and Vine Clothing.  It was my first time attending this event and I was super excited and had a great time, but it was a process...let us start at the beginning.  I got the invite on Wednesday afternoon stating we would be leaving at 6 a.m. Saturday morning.  Since I am a model and self proclaimed fashionista, my first thought was what do I wear!! 

The difference between a Wig and a Weave.

Thinking about getting a weave? Well, think again! Wigs are cost effective, because they last longer since you won’t have to pay to get a new hairstyle every month or two. They are a healthier option because you can remove the unit safely and let your own hair take a break before having the unit reinstalled. Your hair does not suffer the pulling or possibility of being cut when cutting out a weave. You can switch between rocking either your own hair or your wig whenever you feel like it. Finally, wigs are a great options if you want to change styles to match your unique style or even your current mood while keeping your own beautiful hair healthy! 6 Reasons Why We Love Wigs! 1. They are c