Happy 1st Birthday LFBB : Chapter 3 Recovering :

Welcome back guys ! Yes, I'm back already with another chapter in the story of adventure I've been on over the last 6 months of 2018 . New business, new love, new everything. Is this the change I have been looking for?? It's September and its the first birthday of the launch of my website LFBB. Feeling a little down in the dumps because sales are not where I wanted them to be and my small team of 3 is down to 1 . Then Nike released ad with Colin Kapernick," "Believe in something , even if it means sacrificing everything.Just do it" I think this is the most powerful statement I ever seen on social media . It meant so much and I believe it fits my journey . If you don't know who Colin Ka

Chapter 2 : Thank you for your service *!@# :/

Welcome back Beauties !! If you are new to this blog, Welcome, and Hey Boo ! As promised, I'm back to give you Chapter 2 . Grab a chair and hold on as I tell you all about my horrible experience with the VA hospital and United Airlines. For those that don't know, that I was enlisted to the United States for nine and half years and enjoyed most of the experience until 2012. But that is another blog, for another day . Also I have new details on this new romance with Kenny Layne . ( See previous post ) . So get ready for this awful experience I had to encounter . Ugh! I live in Las Vegas, so imagine my surprise when the VA tells me that I have to go to San Francisco for my hernia surgery. Wh

Happy New Year ! The last 6 Months of 2018 Chapter 1 July -Aug . New

Chapter 1 July - Aug Did you see this ? This is probably the last post you seen from me , huh? Well , there's a reason for that and stay tuned for five chapters on "What's been up LONDONFERRIS ? ". I have missed you beauties and I hope you been looking for me as well . So, let's get into the first leg. July through August... July , summertime fine and summer heat especially in Las Vegas , it gets so hot. You could melt but I enjoyed it . POOL Action ! This month , I wanted to launch more youtube videos and give more content on how to wear the wigs and let you know that you don't have to stick to JUST one look. Girl! You have options ! But I would be soon scheduled for hernia surgery o