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The difference between a Wig and a Weave.

Thinking about getting a weave? Well, think again! Wigs are cost effective, because they last longer since you won’t have to pay to get a new hairstyle every month or two. They are a healthier option because you can remove the unit safely and let your own hair take a break before having the unit reinstalled. Your hair does not suffer the pulling or possibility of being cut when cutting out a weave. You can switch between rocking either your own hair or your wig whenever you feel like it. Finally, wigs are a great options if you want to change styles to match your unique style or even your current mood while keeping your own beautiful hair healthy! 6 Reasons Why We Love Wigs!

1. They are cost effective, Say Bye to the monthly Hair Salon Visits!

2. They are time effective, no more sitting for hours, and your back will thank you!

3. Let you own beautiful hair grow safely, without experiencing pulling and breakage.

4. You can give your beautiful own hair a break whenever you feel like it.

5. You can choose the style you are in the mood for, just like your clothes!

6. You can have a 360 view of it, when you are restyling it at home.

Let’s break down our pricing for you, so you can see for yourself!

For a sew-in at 14 inches, you will spend: $280 for the 3 bundles $185 for installment $120 for a frontal or $60 for a closure Total of $585 or $525 without weave customization

*4 hours to complete the hairstyle, and when removed, you can’t wear it back unless you pay for a new weave

For a Wig at 14 inches, you will spend: $485 for the wig $60 for re-installment

*2 hours to complete, and once removed, the unit and styling stays intact

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