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Two Weddings. Two Locations. One Weekend.

Happy Resurrection ! Today is my first day off in 11 days! Your girl is tired! It's pre-wedding season! My favorite time of year! Last weekend I did hair and make up for two weddings, in two locations, in one weekend. Let me tell you about it. Wedding number 1 was in Las Vegas on March 23rd and I did hair for four people. I traveled to their hotel room the day before and did their hair so that I would only need to freshen it up the day of the wedding. My clients consisted of the bride, her mom, and daughter, and the maid of honor who was traveling in from out of town. They had a 8 a.m appointment and all clients had medium to long hair. It really helped that the bride had an idea of what she wanted to look like for her wedding. Note: For those of you who have had bridal services provided by me, you know I like high fashion, over the top, BIG runway hair, so if you want something subtle, you're going to have to tell me ahead of time lol! There was a vibe, in the room, and everyone was positive, and happy, and had a good attitude, it was great. One thing I've learned that my job as the hairstylist is to remain calm and help the bride feel stress free. The maid of honor arrives a little late with a bottle of that good whiskey and she fits right in ! I prepped everyone's hair and told them to sleep pretty and they made an appointment for 10 a.m. the next day to have their hair freshened up prior to the ceremony. The next morning, I probably had about 1 hour of work to to (which was good because I had a flight to catch at 1:25 p.m.).

Bags in the car I head to the airport to catch a flight from the 60 degree weather of Las Vegas to Denver, Colorado where the whether was a crisp 30 degrees! We traveled an additional hour to hour and a half up the winding road of a mountain to Estes Park, which was beautiful. I saw Elk!! Even though the wedding was on Monday March 26th, I arrived early to attend the bachelorette party! This bride was not just a client, but also happened to be one of best friends! She asked me if I wanted to just sit back and enjoy the festivities or if I wanted to work? Of course I choose to work. See, I absolutely love what I do, and when you love what you never feels like work. She had a bridal party of 4 for me to do both hair and makeup for. Sunday night I did the bride's sister's hair. She had purchased bundles of London Ferris Body Wave Hair and received a full sew-in. The bride was a ultimate planner, so the morning of the wedding, there was a full schedule of what time and where everyone needed to be which was super important because when you have multiple people to get done in a short amount of time, organization and punctuality is so important and vital to lowering the bride's stress. This wedding started at 11 a.m and according to the schedule Hair and makeup for client #1 started at 6 a.m. Which means I get up at 3 a.m. to get myself ready. Did I mention it snowed the night before. Oh and the wedding was outside....Right. Luckily I've lived on the East Coast before and was prepared for the weather, I dressed in layers. The vision for the brides's wedding was that of movie Twilight, so the look for hair, and makeup was very cold, twilight icy, look with a vampy lip. The party of 4 consisted of the bride, her mother, the groom's mother, the bride's sister, and the maid of honor. The hair process was fairly easy, all clients had medium to long hair, and the bride, and her mother were regular clients of mine in Las Vegas and I know how they wanted their hair and I just had to retouch her sister's hair from the night before. Everyone was on time which was great and everything went according to the bride's schedule. So much so that, when it came time to do the brides' hair and makeup, I was able to spend some quality time and give her the extra time that she deserved. As far as makeup I had the full spectrum of colors to cover as far as hues were concerned, and I brought my entire makeup kit. I love you beauties but I can't share my secrets of all that is in my makeup kit but I will tell you for this wedding the essentials I used were Fenty Beauty of course! NYX, and Lancome. Also, the Jacqueline Hill Morphe Pallet and Laura Mercier Setting Powder. Let me tell, you, that setting powder was the key to everyone's makeup lasting all day long! As a matter of fact everyone's hair and makeup lasted all day, and even through the elements.

So I pulled it off beauties! Two weddings, two locations, in one weekend! And I wouldn't trade it for nothing. Both brides looked beautiful and were happy with the results. Bridal season is now among us and I love this time of year. Now by request check out the website this week for NEW BRIDAL PACKAGES!

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