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First Friday in Las Vegas!  My Weekend Had a Vibe.

Living in Vegas, the question I get asked THE MOST is, what is there to do? Well Vegas is a major city and there is always SOMETHING to do. Yes, you can do the typical walk around the strip and enjoy drinks with friends, visit a bar, see the fountains at the Bellagio hotel, blah, blah, blah…BORING!

The very short winter we had in Vegas this year is long gone, and with the warm weather, it means the pools are all open and summer is around the corner! With that comes some pretty cool things to do! The first Friday of every month in Vegas things get pretty interesting! There is an Art Festival located in the downtown Art District called First Friday, it celebrates the work of local artists like myself as well as showcases local musicians and the tasting of yummy food! I’ve been to First Friday a few times, but this time we did it a little differently. It was my friend Cree’s idea (Hey Girl Hey!) to rent bicycles to ride through the Art Festival. We paid $8.00 for the ride from one bicycle station to the next and we went on a journey. Understand I hadn’t been on a bike since I was a teenager and it took me a minute to find the brakes (located on the handle bars) and not just me putting my feet down to stop it, right!.

"Cardi B" Custom Unit.  Get the wig or get the look!

Yo who bumped that new Cardi B album ALLLLLL WEEKEND! (Guilty!) Naturally we put our phones in our little bicycle baskets and blasted her music all night during our ride. I made a special "Cardi B" blonde wig for the evening that can be purchased from my website, or I can do a sew in to make your own hair look like hers. I used two bundles of Blonde, Russian 20"- 22" hair with a blonde frontal with dark roots. It was super cute and had me feeling like I was living my best life! I paired the London Ferris "Cardi B" unit with my Fashionova top and some distressed jean shorts of my own creation. I had no idea that one top would draw SO MUCH attention from men! If you think about it, It was really just two lines, and two dots... I mean we weren’t in LA or New York, and at times it was a little nerve wreaking in some spots, as the Art District, has some not so nice looking areas! But we did have a really great time, laughing and biking our way through the Art Festival. We had a lot of fun and boy did we laugh! So for those in town and looking for something else to do, besides “the strip” or those of you who live in Vegas and want to try something different make sure you check out the next First Friday coming up in May, and look for the two hottie’s on bikes, it just might be us! ;)

Friday night really set the tone for the whole weekend, it was a vibe, Inspired by Cardi B out there living her best life and winning....Speaking of Cardi...does anybody know the prayer Cardi B sent up to totally change the trajectory of her life, for the better, in like a year? Anybody? Well if any of you beauties find out, let me know! Like I said it was just a real positive, put it in the air manifestation of the good life...vibe! On Sunday I woke up early and took my son hiking out at Red Rock! I was out there facing fears and climbing too new heights, completing oblivious to the fact that somewhere along the route I had dropped my phone. Yep! Lost it in the rocks! But I didn't let it fluster me, I said two things out loud...I'm going to find my phone, and I'm just going to get a new phone. We retraced our steps and I found it right there on the ground, between a rock, as if it was waiting for me to come back for it. My son was such a good sport in helping me find my phone, so when he mentioned he wanted to go to the movies to see Black Panther FOR THE THIRD TIME! I said yes. And for those who haven't seen it more than once, you are missing out! It gets better every time, it's a reason this movie is breaking records, its a reminder that representation matters! And that damn Michael B.! Those golds in his mouth..okay Sorry, where was I? Oh Sunday Night!

Sunday Night the weekend continued, I met the Ladies, Elisheba, Rayshawn, Tiff, and Jasmine at the spot. Blue Martini, on Sunday Nights is full of Las Vegas Black Excellence. It's where the movers, and the shakers of the industry get together and listen to live music compliments of the Soul City Band, paired with the sounds of DJ J-Nice and DJ Larose Royce playing club bangers for us to dance to. They got something for everyone! And that Ms. @AlliStar1, her vocals were amazing! She had range from Jasmine Sullivan WHO I LOVE!!! To singing lead to Don't Stop Believing by Journey! I'm telling ya'll it was a vibe for the whole weekend. So that's it for this week beauties! It was a good weekend, full of fun, and allowing the law of attraction to operate. Go out this week and live your BEST LIFE! Put the positivity out into the universe and just wait to see what and who shows up for you.

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