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5 Hair Trends for 2018!

Hey Beauties! First of all can we all have a moment of silence for the lives that Beyonce slayed at #Beychella on Sunday and all the wigs she snatched! Okay! Now back to business. Even though it doesn't feel like it, in some parts of the country right now, Spring is here and Summer is on the way, at least that's true for us living on the West Coast! Trust me! Because of that we wanted to give you 5 Hair Trends to look for in 2018 and give you some ideas on how you can achieve them. We are going to let you in on some of the hair secrets and trends that will be all over your instagram feeds in the next few months. The first hair trend we will discuss is long hair.

1. Beauties! The long hair beauty trend is definitely in. When we say the long hair trend is in, we mean LONG HAIR! For those of us not blessed with it growing naturally from our scalps we are talking BUNDLES! Hair that is anywhere from 24" - 32" in length, and in basic hair colors be it Natural Brown or Blonde and seemingly flowing forever. Now were not talking about the uber long ankle length hair we saw people like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj sporting earlier this year as that moment has passed, but long hair is in this Spring/Summer indeed. Don't miss out on this one. Lucky for you we sell raw, virgin bundles in all lengths for your convenience and you can check them out here. We also have custom units available for purchase if you're not ready to make the commitment with your own hair as seen below are custom London Ferris units Vanessa, Janice, and Morgan.

2. The next beauty trend after long hair is....Blonde! Okay bear with me. I know blonde has always been in style, but we're not talking just any blonde we are talking ICY WHITE BLONDE! Think Elsa from Frozen. This beautiful color not only looks good on it's own, but go full on Kylie and add some pastel undertones, like pink, silver, and lavender. The cool thing with this one, is you can come in and get your own hair colored this beautiful color, or you can purchase our custom unit named Elisheba and wear her when you're in the mood to feel gorgeous!

3. Curls, Curls, Curls, Curls! Our next Hair Trend for 2018 is Curls! Be they natural hair, weaves, or a custom made wig, curls are all the rage for 2018. The more definition and volume the better. And remember beauties the bigger the hair, the closer to God! So let your curls run free and wild. The below style was accomplished using a custom unit using London Ferris Deep Wave Bundles 16"/18" in Natural Brown.

Custom Deep Wave Unit using London Ferris Deep Wave Bundles in 16"/18".

4. Thanks to Black Panther...which I've seen 3 times now! The buzz cuts and bald heads are having their moment and we are here for it! But going into Summer we will see in addition to long hair, the complete opposite. Next up for 2018 Hair Trends would be pixie cuts So let your buzz cuts grow out and dye it any color you like (try icy blonde - think Cara Delenvingne). Ask your stylist for short, choppy layers with face framing pieces that add some texture for a cropped look.

5. Our final hair trend for 2018 is BIG hair accessories. The past few years we've seen celebrities like Janelle Monet single-handily start and sustain the hair accessory movement. She has in the past adorned her hair in pearls, gold wire, and paper clips among other things. Hair accessories are definitely still "in", their size however has gotten bigger. This year we will see thick metal barretts, ornate headbands, African head wraps and large metallic, and pearl hair jewelry paired with everything from summer dresses to jeans and tank tops. Don't miss this one, it is an opportunity to showcase your indiviual style and be grandiose! (Shout-out to all my Libra Beauties!)

There it is beauties, 5 Hair Trends to look for in 2018. We hope you enjoyed our list we put together for you and we look forward to seeing you sporting these looks this summer. When you see these hair trends all over your social media over the upcoming months, remember where you heard it first. As a matter of fact, tag us in your post or #londonferrisbb for an opportunity to be featured on our instagram feed.

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