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What Are My Wig Measurements ?

With all these beautiful varieties of wigs we see these days and how easily it is to order them online, it is quite possible to make a mistake on your cap size, and your preferred length. However, these steps are very important in the ordering process. This is why we are going to help you in finding your best fit! Don't panic, it is quite easy.

The first step is to measure some parts and areas of your head to know your personal cap size. For this, you will need a measuring tape.

1- Measure from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear.

2- Measure your circumference, that will be the area were your wig will sit which is all around your head.

3- Measure your front to back, by starting from the hair line all the way back to your neck.

The second step is to know in which group size you fit in, so you know what to order. There are 6 different groups, the Large, Average/Large, Average, Petite/Average, Petite and Child wig cap size.

Here is a table to help you determine your wig cap size.

IMPORTANT** If you have difficulties finding your right size because all your measurements do not fall into one category, it is advised to go with the ear-to-ear measurement.

For instance, if your measurements are:

Ear-to-Ear : 13 inches / Circumference: 20.5 inches / Front-to-Back:13 inches,

you are able to wear a Petite, a Petite/Average, or if you have to, you can even wear an Average, simply because most wigs have adjustable straps. The straps will allow you to tighten your circumference up to an inch to an inch and a half.

The third and last step if to choose the right length so you know how it will look on you.

Here is a picture to help you chose what you would like.

We hope this will help with your next order!

Go to our "Wigs" Tab to see all the gorgeous wigs we have to offer!

Go to the Wig tab to see all the gorgeous wigs we have for you!

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