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♪ I'm Going Going, Back Back, to Cali Cali. ♪

Beauties! How have you been? I'm sorry it's been awhile since my last post I missed ya'll! Boy it has been a lot going on, including Memorial Day Weekend, End of School, etc. I FINALLY took some time off for myself. I enjoyed family time, visited my mom in Florida (that will be a whole other blog post!), and celebrated the born day of my good friend Elisheba of A Vogue and Vine Story online clothing boutique. With the average temperature in Las Vegas being around 106 degrees an opportunity to get away to the cooler temperatures of California was a welcome break.

For you beauties who've been keeping up with the blogs you know my last trip to Cali, Hair wise was a total fail on my part. So this time I was prepared! I wore my hair in a Big, Curly, Natural Fro! With fresh blonde color and highlights. It was glorious! Can I be honest with you beauties... I'm in my late 30's and I'm going gray! The blonde and light highlights are for that reason. Are any of you ladies going gray? Prematurely? I know society has conditioned us women to cover up our gray's but I say forget that! Embrace them, you earned them! They sort of like your battle scars. Not to mention my mother has a head full of beautiful white hair. But here's your hair tip, if you must cover your grays, I recommend you camouflage them by going lighter. Think, blondes, reds. Going darker makes them look harsh especially the ones closer to your face.

The roadtrip from Las Vegas to L.A. was done in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter and the official road trip song was Boo'ed Up by Ella Mai. We listened to that song about 9200 times in four hours! :) We arrived in L.A. to an Airbnb with a rooftop deck, and an amazing view of the city. it was perfect accommodations for the weekend, and I think from now on, anytime I go to L.A. I need to stay in that particular Airbnb! LOL So once we got settled in L.A. we set out to find a block party, but if any of you know traffic in L.A. is the absolute worst and everywhere takes no less than an hour. Needless to say we never found the party, so we had our own in the Sprinter Van. Friday night was game 4 of the NBA Finals so we found a Buffalo Wild Wings to catch the second half. Go Warriors! For those of you who know that I'm Vegan, what does a Vegan eat at BW3's? A Veggie Burger! :)

The next morning which was E's actual birthday we woke her up with singing and mimosas of course. I say of course because the champagne, and wine flowed nonstop all weekend. After going grocery shopping we had breakfast on the rooftop deck and brainstormed on how to work together to promote our different brands and expand our empires! Elisheba and her online clothing store, Devin being Las Vegas's Hottest Promoter, and, me with my hair and makeup services. It was very inspirational. Then it was time to head to the beach! Santa Monica Beach was hot as hell, and humid, and the water was cold! But I told you beauties I was prepared. I put my hair in two super cute, high natural buns. Did I mention that sunscreen is A MUST in that California Summer time Sun. The sun drained us but we had no time to take a nap because there was another location our presence was requested at.

Next stop was a spot called the G/S Bar, one of Devin's connects was expecting us for E's official Birthday turnup. There were 5 of us females and Hapi and I in our heels were 6'2", 6'3", so it was the talls and the smalls. We walked in and stole the show as we are known to do. The party was hype our VIP table was popping, champagne flowing, lights flashing, we really enjoyed ourselves. That night ended on a wonderful high and everyone was in a good space. The next morning we had to check our of the Airbnb by 11a.m. and headed back to Las Vegas.

You know what they say, Sunday, Fun Day! We got back to Vegas just in time to get changed and head to Reggae and Carribean pool party at Planet Hollywood one of the many weekly events hosted by Go Urban Vegas. Then we changed for the third time that day and headed to Blue Martini, which is always a blast! Monday morning, oh yeah the weekend started Friday morning and ended Monday night. By 11a.m. we were headed to Lake Meade to get on the boat. And we took 3 bottles of tequila with us. Like I said the champange and wine flowed all weekend. So believe me when I say that the only water we saw was at the beach and at the lake. LOL So we were out on the water, in complete relaxation mode until almost 7p.m What a weekend. I spent it surrounded and inspired by the beauty around me, enjoying friends, and celebrating life! Beauties take sometime for yourselves. Know that taking a break it okay. Be present in the moment, put down your phone and create memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy life, enjoy your friends and family. Live your BEST LIFE, and then get right back to the grind. Did any of you do anything? Any of you go anywhere cool? Let us know down in the comments.

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