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Chapter 2 : Thank you for your service *!@# :/

Welcome back Beauties !!

If you are new to this blog, Welcome, and Hey Boo ! As promised, I'm back to give you Chapter 2 . Grab a chair and hold on as I tell you all about my horrible experience with the VA hospital and United Airlines. For those that don't know, that I was enlisted to the United States for nine and half years and enjoyed most of the experience until 2012. But that is another blog, for another day . Also I have new details on this new romance with Kenny Layne . ( See previous post ) . So get ready for this awful experience I had to encounter . Ugh!

I live in Las Vegas, so imagine my surprise when the VA tells me that I have to go to San Francisco for my hernia surgery. Why? because the AF/VA doesnt do my type of hernia surgery, and they couldn't get an outside source. (major eye-

roll) So here I am single, living alone in a city with no close family nearby, and im about to have hernia surgery. Hooray! My day began beautifully, I had a departure time of just past the buttcrack of dawn. I then took a Lyft to the VA hospital. 45 minutes and 45 dollars later I arrived at the VA hospital, only to find out that I'm not in the system. CLASSIC AF/VA move. ( Again, I served 9 1/2 years in the USAF so I've earned my right to complain) I think everyone would agree that we as country need to treat our veterans better. A "thank you for your service" once a year on veterans day doesn't fix the broken system that millions of us deal with.... Phew. Rant Over.

After a while they found me, and checked me into the HOS-TEL which is the Hospital-Hotel, but trust me it was exactly like a Hostel. Its old, not clean, I have roommate, and there's a community bathroom?!?!? Oh no. I live my life trying not to be too bougie, but college dorm life is where I draw the line. I called my sister, who lives an hour away and is 8 months pregnant by the way, to rescue me and she was on it. So with all of these things happening the day before I'm scheduled for surgery, I was NOT happy.

The morning of the surgery I was feeling nervous and apprehensive. I get to the hospital for my pre-op, at 8 only to find out that the hospital wouldn't have power from 6-9. So that placed me an hour behind schedule already. With my nerves shot, I went into surgery. The surgery itself went well.

Lots of pain in my core, but nothing too bad. I came to in my room surrounded by beautiful sunflowers from Kenny. ( you know, the guy from July's blog) He is still amazing by the way, more on that to come! So my surgery was supposed to be "in and out" Well, there was no way I was staying in the VA for 2 days. So after I made the arrangements to stay at my sisters house, The VA was supposed to book my flight home the day after surgery. Imagine my surprise when I call to check on my itinerary and my flight wasn't booked. The lovely response I was greeted with when I asked why not? " You mean nobody told you?" So after some choice words back and forth, my flight home was finally booked. This is where the nightmare continues. It took 2 hours in San Francisco traffic to get to the airport. almost another 30 minutes for someone to get a wheelchair to wheel me to the gate. Once at the gate, I thought I could take a breath, relax and gather myself. Until we were hit with a series of Mechanical delays. This is literally my luck in the airport. If there is any reason at all for a flight not to be on time, it will happen when I am flying. All this, and a flight that should have taken an hour and twenty minutes turned into a near 7 hour travel day.

Patience is a virtue .

That's all I have to say about that (in my Forest Gump voice ) lol .

Keep Going Beauties ...

Stay tuned to the chapter 3 .

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