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Happy 1st Birthday LFBB : Chapter 3 Recovering :

Welcome back guys ! Yes, I'm back already with another chapter in the story of adventure I've been on over the last 6 months of 2018 . New business, new love, new everything. Is this the change

I have been looking for?? It's September and its the first birthday of the launch of my website LFBB. Feeling a little down in the dumps because sales are not where I wanted them to be and my small team of 3 is down to 1 . Then Nike released ad with Colin Kapernick," "Believe in something , even if it means sacrificing everything.Just do it" I think this is the most powerful statement I ever seen on social media . It meant so much and I believe it fits my journey . If you don't know who Colin Kaepernick is, google him . LOL . I feel like I connect with this in a few special ways. As a USAF veteran, I know all about sacrificing my time, and sometimes my friends, for the freedoms of people I've never even met. As a mother, I know about sacrificing whatever it takes to make sure my son has everything he needs.

Recovering from surgery is nothing to play with, especially with a hernia.

I guess I'm not as young as I used to be . My movement is limited and that means to me that it's time to come from behind the chair as much. For you that don't know, I worked as hairstylist for a senior living community for 3 years . It was one of those jobs where the perks came from the people. Meaning, I didn't make much money, but the smiles and friends I made from making these elderly people look and feel beautiful and handsome was plenty enough compensation.... for a while. After my surgery however, I have to take care of myself. That means its time to cut out a few of my jobs . Saying goodbye to those wonderful people was difficult, especially after 3 years. I cried like a baby. I even had to step back from my main shop as well . Since I don' t know what caused the hernia , I feel like I just need to be cautious .

Kenny and I by this time, have been dating for 3 months and moving right along at our own speed. This is different, He is different, I can feel it. Now I love to travel, and I love to travel with my significant other. YAY !So we decided

our first trip would be to New Orleans for one of my best friend's' wedding and our second road trip to L.A for the reunion show for bachelor in paradise.

I didn't go to the taping but the afterparty was superfun. I got to meet all of the people whose stories I started paying attention since my man is on the show . By the way he gave precursor and told me that he kissed four women . Honesty, gotta love it ! For you bachelorette fans , you already know Kenny has a 12 year old daughter. Its usually tricky when you meet someone who has kids, especially older kids. But this kid, it's like she was pre-made for me.

We have such an amazing connection already Follow my instagram @londonferris or @kennykingpb2 for more fun videos . I think we should start a youtube channel , comment below let me know what you think ..

Now !

This hair .....OMG I LOVE IT

Another round highlights ( 5 vol . lightener :0) and a root retouch of 30 volume 8n with an ash toner . And I had to cut 3 inches off due to breakage . UUGGGGHHHH!! But here is the reality of it , I live in the desert , dry and hot , not great for curly hair . Back to protective styles for now . I'll love it for now but I know I have to cut more off .

So much is happening right now , I don't know how to explain it but I'm enjoying the ride and the view . For my business , I know there are highs and lows and it's normal . I believe in me , so I'm willing to sacrifice it all. Just doing it ..

Stay Tune Chapter 4 ...Moving in Together and the Holidays are coming

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