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Chapter 4 : Go Gators :(

Milestones are important experiences in every person's life. Your first crush, first time walking in heels, first time doing your make-up and navigating traffic successfully etc... A major milestone in my life came and went this month.. my 20 year high school reunion!!!

Now I know some of you will say I look like I just graduated.. Thanks Boo! but seriously It's been 20 years. I went to high school in Shreveport, LA and haven't looked back since. I do have friends and family there that I missed dearly so it didn't take much back and forth in my mind before I decided to book a flight home.

Going back and seeing my old school, and seeing those old colors really made me happy. The turnout, was preeetty scare though. I graduated with about 200 people, and only 25 showed up. The ones that did, it was great to see them and had a good old time.

Kenny and I are great!! Im spending less and less ( zero ) time at my place and more at his. I brought Blu over to meet Makenzi and Eva and she never came back home. Speaking of Makenzi,

let's talk about her now. Makenzi is Kenny's 12 year old (11 when I met her) daughter. Makenzi is fearless, beautiful, thoughtful, creative, has hair like mine, and is pretty much what my daughter would have been... and I didnt have to carry or push her out! Win!

She is very protective of her dad, so back in July when I met her I was very careful initially of our interactions. I would talk to her alot, involve her in all of our conversations and activities so she knew I wasn't trying to take her daddy, I just wanted to be down with your crew.

She's smart and insightful so it didn't take long before we were inseparable.

Post-surgery life is finally getting back to normal. Still have cut down my hours at the salon because I need to be on my feet less. Also because Kenny isnt letting me do much.

He is really becoming my rock. our relationship is getting stronger and stronger heading into the Holidays. Ive always been fine alone, but having someone special during the holidays always makes a very special time of year even more special. I wonder what to get him for Christmas. We went one date night to see one of our favorite artists J.Cole, in concert. We were singing and dancing close, and he looked in my eyes and popped the question!!!! No, not THE question, but the will you move in question!!! So now we're moving in together!!! Ive got to figure out what to do with all of my stuff! My fashion items! What's a girl to do? GIVE AWAY ...

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