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I don't know if this is to say welcome back or thank you for sticking with me. I'll start with that. Thank you for sticking with me; it's been a long journey since this website launch, and I'm back to keep going. Life! It happens. Now it's time to get it back into what I love the most. Beauty! I have new videos on YouTube and hilarious TikTok to share. Many things can happen in three years, let me tell you.

In the last story I posted, I was about to go to my twenty-year high school reunion three years ago now. Time flies!

My son was entering high school. Sorry, but the teenage years are tough alone. I needed a break. Any boy-moms out there? So, I took a backseat to my beauty business and started doing mom full-time, which I was lucky to do. And I was fortunate to have just a side job and still provide. I love being a mom full-time. I think it's one of the greatest joys.

To see your kids grow up is the greatest thing to witness. My son is graduating next year. Best decision ever made. I can't believe the worldwide shutdown 2020, corona pandemic was three years ago now. Of course, we're coming still out of it and rebuilding. Lots of work to do. I also move after being in Las Vegas for 15 years. Florida! That's another blog for another day.

London Ferris beauty bar, allow me to reintroduce myself; my name is London, and I am your beauty pantologist. What is a pantologist, you ask. I am a jack of all trades in the beauty industry! I love it all, whether it's hair, makeup, or even fashion. So it's time to put my mothering boots up and go back to work. I'll share some of my new makeup tricks, hair designs, and fashion finds.

I'm looking forward to seeing future clients. Let's chat at the Beauty bar

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